Radars are navigation instruments which  used to determine the distance between vessels from lands, other vessels, or any floating objects out at seas. Marine radars are usually short-ranged radars that are commonly used by ships to pinpoint locations to other ships and land in the area. The frequencies with which these radars are operated are known as x-band or s-band frequencies. The X stands for secret, as the ship radar was mainly a hidden frequency while used for the purpose of tracking ship during the Second World War. The S stands for small range in the second type. By using radars, accidents can be prevented in the oceanic area. However, even while the vessels are docked in the port, with the help of these radars, the coast guard and other authorities can use them to monitor the traffic in the small radar range. The radar has a displaywhichshows all the objects that are presented in the entire ranges of the radar. Since all the objects are clearly visible on the screen, navigating and monitoring the position of the ship becomes really detectable.



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