Safety and Distress

Traveling through waterways is definitely the oldest and one of the most efficient ways of travel, but not necessarily the smoothest. Ships sailing across water bodies are known to have run into a trouble or into another ship quite frequently. Right from the start, the ship wrecks that would cost lots of life and property are common. Sure the seriousness of such wrecks has changed in nature and to some extent, even diminished, owing to better distress signals

A distress signal is typically a call for help sent out by a person or ship. But since the travel through waterways is one that has been around the longest, most frequent uses of emergency signals are made by ships in danger.



A distress signal is essentially something that will attract attention to attain some help. The nature of these signals has changed a lot over the time. Today, most commonly used distress signals are radio based signals that are interpreted through satellite systems, making them much more efficient, quick and precise.


But even though complex technology is available, the old forms of these marine signals like marine flares and flags are still used.